We provide Information, resources and articles about your favorite Mopar muscle car engines.

This includes the following: 426 Hemi, early Hemi, 440 Six Pack/6-BBL, 440 HP and standard, 383 HP and standard, Max Wedge, 340, 318, 273 and the slant six cylinder.

Ultimate Muscle Car Engines is not just about the engines. It’s the passion, sweat and tears, excitement, the thumbs up at the stoplight and enthusiasm. .

Kevin and his team have spent years researching, studying and working on all types and years of Mopars. They have worked at restoration shops, automotive repair shops and Chrysler dealerships.

Mopar Experience/Expertise

Kevin and/or his team has acquired their Mopar experience from the following:

  • Attended most Chrysler at Carlisle events dating back to the early 1990s, 32 years.
  • Owning Mopars for the past 33 years.
  • Repairing and maintaining Mopars for the past 36 years.
  • Attending countless Mopar and classic car shows.
  • Attending Mopar and classic car technical and informational events and webinars.
  • A few spring fling and fall fling events hosted by Chrysler Performance West.

Ultimate Muscle Car Engines Tech Experience

  • Chrysler service mechanic/tech with over 20 years experience.
  • 20 years working and/or owner of an automotive repair shop.
  • Countless hours in the home garage all night long.

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Kevin Garce in a 1965 Corvette Convertible

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