What a 440 Six Pack Engine is Worth

I’ve been tracking the sales of 440 Six Pack engines for years. It’s interesting to learn the value and who wouldn’t want to buy one. For this reason many people ask, what is a 440 Six Pack engine worth?

Original 440 Six Pack engines are worth from $13,999 to over $15,000. The worth of the engine depends if it’s complete, rebuilt, running, a short or long block or missing any parts.

This article will list the sales and listings of Six Pack engines, including the asking price and sold prices. In addition, I’ll discuss the difficulty in identifying an original engine from a regular HP 440 block.

The following prices, sales and facts were learned from my personal experience and research, sales listings, auctions, swap meets, forums, webinars, books and articles.

440 Six Pack Engine Prices

What determines the price of almost anything, including engines, is what people are willing to pay.

Therefore, let’s take a close look at recent sales and active listings.

Craigslist Listing

In 2018, a 440 Six Pack from a 1969 1/2 Dodge Super Bee was listed and sold for $15,000.

It was complete including the air cleaner and appeared to be pulled from the car and never rebuilt.

I don’t have further details about it or how the seller verified it as an original. What I was reading from other people it was an original, legitimate engine.

Ebay Listing

In a 2022 listing, someone was selling a complete 440 Six Pack engine along with some spare Mopar engine parts.

The total asking price was $14,999. At the time of publishing this article, it has not sold.

The seller claims it is a 1969 1/2 engine. The seller cannot verify what car it came out of or if it was ever disassembled.

The ID pad stampings indicate it is a HP 1969 440 block.

I contacted the seller about what car this engine came out of, a partial vin or if it was ever disassembled. I received no response.

For this reason, I’m unsure if the seller can verify if it is truly a Six Pack.

Forum Listing

In 2018, someone listed a complete 1970 440 Six Pack engine for $8,500. It appeared to have a stock rebuild at one time.

The owner was unable to pair it to a particular V code car or verify if it was an original.

How to Identify an Original

Identifying an original 440 Six Pack engine is the first thing when looking at one for sale and placing a value on it.

There are many engine blocks for sale which is labeled as a Six pack engine. Those listings are asking a good amount of money for the added value of being a Six pack.

The truth is there is no difference between a 440 Six pack block a high performance 440 from the same year.

The most obvious way to identify the block is to match the partial vin stamped on the side of the block to a vin number of a verified V code car.

Another way is to have proof the engine was pulled out of a V code car and have documentation indicating the vin of that car.

One common way this happens is when the person who is in possession of the engine was the actual owner of the V code car it came out of.

I discuss identifying a 440 Six Pack block more in detail in my other article, How to Identify a 440 Six Pack Engine.

Why There Aren’t More for Sale

While looking for Mopar engines for sale, many of you may have noticed there are more 426 Hemi engines for sale than Six Packs.

While researching 426 Hemi engines, I was able to find at least eight different recent sales or listings.

While researching sales of 440 Six Packs, it’s very rare to find one sold or listed for sale. Why is this?

The street Hemi had a six year production run compared to only three for the Six Barrel, one year per carburetor.

Even though the number is similar because there were more 6 packs each year than Hemis.

In total there were approximately 10,000 Hemi engines produced while there were approximately 13,883 6 Packs placed under the hoods.

440 Six pack internal parts.

If there were more 6 Packs than Hemis, why are less for sale?

One major reason is that the Six Pack block is the same as a 440 HP block. Without knowing the actual car the block came out of, the 440 block or Six Pack is just that, a 440 block.

Learn the best way to identify an original Six Pack Engine in my article, How to Identify a 440 Six Pack Engine.

Many people may be in possession of a 440 HP block which originally came out of a Six Pack car, but they’re unaware of this important fact.

If that “unknown” Six pack block has been passed through a few owners over the years, the story about what car it came from may be temporarily lost.

This situation cannot happen with a 426 Hemi. Even if it’s unknown what car a 426 Hemi block came from, the Hemi block is unique and can only be a 426 Hemi block.

In 1985 I went to a garage where a gentleman was selling a 440 engine which he claimed was an original Six Pack. He couldn’t provide proof of the engine’s origin so I passed on it. Looking back maybe I should have bought it anyway.

What Affects the Value

The following affects the worth of a 440 Six Pack engine:

  • Low production numbers.
  • Production year.
  • Vin number.
  • Unavailability.
  • Running or not running.
  • Condition (rebuilt or unknown)
  • Completeness (missing parts)

Low Production Numbers

From 1969 to 1971 there were approximately 13,883 440 Six Pack engines placed into vehicles.

When comparing it to a regular 440, non-Six Pack 440s were produced for approximately 13 years. In addition, they were used in the following vehicles:

  • Muscle cars
  • C-body cars like the New Yorker and Imperials.
  • Motorhomes
  • Boats
  • Trucks

The lower production number and how many are actually left make the three carburetor engines worth more.

Production Year

The year of the Six Pack makes a difference for how much it’s worth. There were less of them produced in 1969 (A12 cars only) and 1971.

The A12 cars are worth a good amount, therefore an engine from an original A12 Roadrunner or Super Bee will be worth more.

There were less V code cars produced in 1971 than the other two years making an engine from that year more valuable to the right buyer.

Or if you have an original 6 barrel block from a 1971 Plymouth Cuda convertible, it’s like you hit the lottery. This is due to the rarity of the car.

Find out how much 440 Six Pack cars are worth including a ’71 Cuda convertible in my article, How Much an Original 440 Six Pack Car is Worth: Recent Prices.

1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT with a 440 Six Barrel engine.

Vin Number

On the side of the block, near the oil pan, is the partial vin number of the car it was placed into at the factory.

If the partial vin of a 440 block can be paired to an existing 1969 Roadrunner or a Cuda convertible, you may want to give that person a call.

Find out how fast the Super Bee and all other models were in the 1/4 mile in my article, How Fast is a 440 Six Pack or 6-BBL? 1/4 Mile and 0-60 Results.


A number of the original Six Packs were pulled out of their original cars for various reasons like a wrecked car.

Some of the original engines were removed from their cars due to failures.

For whatever reason, these blocks have been moved from one owner to the next or sent to the junkyard. Unfortunately, their history as an original Six Pack gets lost in time.

Today, there are fewer originals existing and some originals can’t be identified as a V code car powerplant.


Missing items like the original carburetors, intake, heads and similar items will lower the price. This is especially true when discussing the intakes and carburetion.

A repairable cracked block will be worth less money than one with no cracks.

A freshly rebuilt one from a reputable builder will be worth more money than an engine sitting on a pallet inside someone’s garage.

Buying a New One

Many powerplant builders will build a 440 HP block with Six Pack internal parts and specifications.

While it’s not a proven original from a V code car, many people choose this option. Especially if the block is from the same production year as their car.

So what is a new 440 Six Pack selling for? A new Six Pack engine sells for between $6,500 and $11,900.

A company selling Mopar assemblies (listed on Ebay) named Driveline Works (Ebay: driveline works), is selling a rebuilt 440 with Six pack parts for $11,500.

A company called Carolina Machine Engines is selling a complete 440 Six Pack engine for approximately $8,690 (CME: Engines).

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