Kevin Garce

Kevin Garce is a muscle car enthusiast, author, Certified Health Coach and the founder of

  • He became fascinated with C3 Corvettes at an early age and studied every fact about them before high school.

  • He quickly became interested in muscle cars and Mopars during high school.

  • At age 19 he bought his first car, a 1970 Cuda which had a 440 under the hood.

  • Kevin then spent years studying up on Mopars and other muscle cars.

  • Outside of turning a ratchet, researching muscle cars or going to car shows, he enjoys exercise, hiking and learning about nutrition.
Kevin Garce driving a corvette
Kevin Garce’s C3 Corvette
1970 cuda at a car show
Who doesn’t enjoy a good car show

Kevin Garce's first car. A 1970 Cuda
Kevin Garce’s first car, a 1970 Cuda.
Kevin Garce's 1970 Cuda
Kevin’s 1970 Cuda