426 Max Wedge Oil Pan Specs (’63-’64): Capacity and Pickup

Let’s examine the oil pans for the 1963 and 1964 426 Maximum Performance (nicknamed Max Wedge) engines.

The 426 Max Wedge engines have a 5-quart oil capacity and a front and rear baffle. The two baffles helps with oil control during acceleration. The oil pan uses a swinging pickup for oil transfer to the rear of the pan during acceleration and to the front during deceleration.

The 5-quart capacity is for the pan only. Oil changes when changing the filter requires another quart of oil for a total of six quarts.

The same oil pan is used for both 426 Max Wedge engines and years, 1963 and 1964. This includes the following:

  • Plymouth Super Stock 426
  • Plymouth Super Stock 426-ll
  • Plymouth Super Stock 426-lll
  • Dodge Ramcharger 426
  • Dodge Ramcharger 426-A
  • Dodge Ramcharger 426-lll

Let’s take a closer look at the pan, baffles and pickup tube.

A 426 Max Wedge oil pan.
A 426 Max Wedge Oil pan sold by Vans Auto

A 426 Max Wedge Oil pan sold by Vans Auto.

426 Max Wedge Oil Pan

The 426 Max Wedge oil pan has a larger capacity than the previous wedge engines. The Chrysler part number for the pan is #2402307.

This oil pan is exclusive to the Max Wedge engines alone. It’s also the same pan used on the 413 Max Wedge engine but with a different pickup pipe.

426 Max Wedge Oil Pan
Super Stock 426/Super Stock 426-ll/Super Stock 426-lll
Ramcharger 426/Ramcharger 426-A/Ramcharger 426-lll
Part Number2402307
MaterialStamped Steel
Fastners20 bolts and washers
Oil Capacity5 quarts plus one qt. for the filter
Baffles(2) Front and Rear
Pickup1/2″ Tube with swiveling lower pickup.
The 1963 and 1964 Super Stock 426 and Ramcharger 426 oil pan specifications.

In addition to the increased capacity of a regular wedge engine, a main feature of the pan is the two baffles. One baffle is located in the front and the other baffle in the rear.

Both baffles help to control the sloshing of the oil in the pan. This helps keeping as much oil as possible at the bottom so it can be picked up by the suction pipe (pickup).

The 426 Max Wedge oil pan capacity was verified with the Plymouth and Dodge Max Wedge owner’s manuals, booklets and Vans Auto who sells a reproduction oil pan.

1964 Plymouth Super Stock 426-lll owner's manual.
1964 Plymouth Super Stock 426 lll owners manual indicating oil capacity

426 Max Wedge Oil Pickup

The 426 Max Wedge has a specially designed oil pickup. The bottom part of the pickup, where the strainer is located, is made to swivel.

During acceleration it swivels towards the rear of the pain with the oil. During deceleration it swivels to the front of the pan with the oil.

The size of the pickup was enlarged in 1963 for the 426 to 1/2″ diameter. The previous 413 Max Wedge had a 3/8″ diameter pickup.

The swivel 426 Max Wedge Oil Pickup pipe and screen.
The swivel 426 Max Wedge Oil Pickup pipe and screen

The factory oil capacity stated in this article or owner’s manual may not be appropriate for your engine. Therefore, verifying how big your particular oil pan is should be a top priority.

If you have any questions about the 426 Max Wedge oil pan or pickup, send us an email found specifically on our contact page.

About 38 years ago I assembled my first Mopar engine. It’s at that time my hands on experience with Mopar engines, including the Max Wedge, started. Although my research of the engines started years earlier.

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