440 Six Pack Engine in Liters: Formula For All Engines

Today the car manufacturers advertise the size of their engines in liters. It wasn’t always like this. During the 440 Six Pack era, engines were advertised in cubic inches. This makes many people wonder how many liters is a 440 Six Pack engine?

A Mopar 440 Six Pack or Six Barrel engine is 7.2 L rounded off. The exact liter measurement of the Six Pack engine is 7.21030816 liters.

Keep reading to find out how I figured out the 440 Six Pack engine to liter conversion. Also, you can use the same cubic inch to liter formula for any engine. I’ll also include a liter to cubic inch conversion formula.

440 Six Pack Engine in Liters

There are two ways you can convert a 440 Six Pack to liters. This will work for any size engine.

The first method is using division (All Cars):

Divide the value in cubic inches by 61.0237441

Using the Six Pack or 6-BBL engine as an example:

440 ÷ 61.0237441 = 7.21030816 liters. Rounded off this equals 7.2 L or liters.

The second method is using multiplication (440 Big Block or Any Car):

Multiply the value in cubic inches by 0.016387064

Using the Mopar 440 Six Pack as an example:

440 × 0.016387064 = 7.21030816 liters. Rounded off this equals 7.2 liters.

How to Convert Liters to Cubic Inches (All Engines)

Many of you with a newer Dodge Challenger or crate engine may be wondering how to figure out how many actual cubic inches a liter engine equals.

Many times a crate engine lists their short block or long block only by liters. This info may come in handy just for curiosity or when buying parts or fuel systems to increase performance for a Scat Pack car.

Multiply the liters by 61.0237441

Using the 7.2 L Six Pack engine as an example:

7.21030816 x 61.0237441 = 440.000000037981856 cubic inches. Rounded off this equals 440 cubic inches.

The video explains how to convert cubic inches to liters.

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The first time I converted cubic inches to liters was about 35 years ago. I had to look up how to do it in a book store. I’ve been researching Mopars and the Six Pack engine for approximately 40 years. My research includes personal experience, books, manuals, articles, magazines, webinars, live events and videos.

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