426 Hemi Engine Distributors: Type and Part Numbers

The 426 Hemi street engine had a dual point distributor produced by Prestolite. The distributor was made of cast iron and operated with vacuum advance. It rotates counterclockwise and is located in the front of the engine on the passenger side of the block.

The distributor had a metal tag secured to its housing with the part numbers and date code stamped into it.

This article will examine each year of the street Hemi distributor, 1966-1971, identifying the Chrysler and Prestolite part numbers and date codes.

426 Hemi Engine Chrysler and Prestolite Part Numbers

The following table identifies the part numbers for each year. The numbers include the Cleaner Air Package, Cleaner Air System, automatic and manual transmissions. They are for the street Hemi engines only.

1966Auto or Manual2642482IBS-4006P
Auto or Manual
Auto or Manual (W/CAP)
1968Auto or Manual (W/CAP)2875140IBS-4014A
1969Auto or Manual (W/CAP)2875140IBS-4014A
Auto (W/CAS)
Manual (W/CAS)
Auto (W/CAS)
Manual (W/CAS)
426 Street Hemi distributors for each year and their part numbers – Chrysler and Prestolite

The part numbers are located on the metal tag or plate. The tag is attached with a screw on the upper part of the distributor housing under one of the cap clamps.

426 Hemi distributor tag showing part numbers and date code.
A 1968 426 Hemi distributor tag showing part numbers and date code

The 426 Race Hemi engines have different part numbers and tach drives. In addition, replacement distributors have different part numbers.

The distributor part numbers in the table above are from the Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge service manuals.

If you’re interested in the timing specifications and settings of the distributors, check out my article, 426 Hemi Timing Specs.

426 street Hemi engine distributor.
426 street Hemi engine distributor

426 Hemi Distributor Date Codes

The date code is found on the metal tag after the Prestolite part number. There will be three numbers with a space between the second and third numbers.

The first two numbers indicate the week of the year and the third number indicates the last number of the year.

Therefore, a date code of 45 8 indicates the 45th week of 1968. A production date this late in the year typically indicates it was built for the following model year. In this example, this distributor would most likely be found in a 1969 Hemi car.

426 hemi distributor
426 Hemi Distributor photo from the Mopar service manual

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For the past 40 years, I’ve been studying and researching Mopar engines including the 426 Hemi. I installed my first Mopar distributor 38 years ago while building my first Mopar engine.

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