Mopar 440 Six Pack Wrist Pin Size and Pistons: Length and Diameter

The 440 Six Pack or Six Barrel piston and wrist pin sizes are often asked. Let’s answer, what size pistons and wrist pins are in a 440 Six Pack engine?

The 440 Six Pack/6-BBL pistons are made to fit a 4.320″ engine bore size. The wrist pin is 1.0935″-1.0937″ diameter and 3.555″-3.575″ long.

Continue reading below for more of the Six pack/6BBL pistons, rings and wrist pin specifications.

Mopar 440 Six Pack/6-BBL Piston and Pin Size: Bore Size, Length and Specs

440 Six Pack Pistons & Pins
Piston Bore Size4.320″
Piston Rings3 Total
(2 compression/1 oil)
Wrist Pin TypePress fit in rod
Wrist Pin Diameter1.0935″-1.0937″
Wrist Pin Length3.555″-3.575″
Mopar 440 Six Pack or Six Barrel Piston and Wrist Pin Size

The factory compression ratio is the following for each year:

  • 1969: 10.5:1
  • 1970: 10.5:1
  • 1971: 10.3:1

The pistons are flat top with four valve reliefs. This is to provide clearance for the engine valves and avoid having the piston contact the valves.

The Speed-Pro TRW Forged 440 Six Pack replacement pistons have the following specs:

  • Part number std: L2355F
  • Flat top with 4 valve reliefs
  • Compression height/distance: 2.061″
  • Piston head volume: -7.00cc
  • Approximate compression w/.030″bore
    • w/78.5cc chambers: 10.17:1
    • w/88.0cc chambers: 9.37:1
  • Ring grooves: 5/64, 5/64, 3/16
  • Pin diameter: 1.0939″
  • Stock 6.760″ length connecting rods
  • Stock 3.750″ stroke
  • .019″ deck cir
  • .0015″skirt cir

440 Six Pack Piston Rings

The factory pistons have three rings. The top two are compression rings and the bottom is an oil ring.

The oil ring is a 3-piece design. It has two chrome plated rails with a stainless steel expander-spacer.

  • The compression ring width is .0775″-.0780″
  • The compression ring gap is .013″-.023″
  • The compression ring side clearance is .0015″-.0030″
  • The oil ring steel rails width is .025″
  • The oil ring steel rails gap is .015″-.055″
  • The oil ring steel rails side clearance is .0000″-.005″

440 Six Pack Wrist Pins

  • Wrist Pin type: Press fit in rod
  • Diameter: 1.0935″-1.0937″
  • Length: 3.555″-3.575″
  • Clearance in piston ( light thumb push @ 70°F): .00045″-.00075″
  • Interference in rod: .0007″-.0012″

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For the past 40 years, I’ve been studying and researching Mopar engines including Six Pack pistons. I installed my first Six Barrel pistons and rings 38 years ago while building my first 440 Mopar engine.

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