Mopar 440 Head Bolt Torque Sequence and Torque Specs

The Mopar 440 head torque sequence and torque specs for the cylinder head bolts is a question often asked.

Factory 440 cylinder head bolts are torqued to 70 foot-pounds. The head bolts are torqued in two steps, first 40 ft. lbs. then 70 ft. lbs., while following the torque sequence.

The following diagram is the torque sequence of the 17 cylinder head bolts. The torque sequence starts at the top center of the head and then towards the ends.

mopar 440 head torque sequence
440 Cylinder Head Torque Sequence Diagram

The sequence is the same for cast iron or aluminum heads.

440 Head Bolt Torque Sequence and Torque Specifications

The following step-by-step instructions are from the Chrysler engine manual and used for cast iron heads.

Once the cylinder head is placed onto the block, follow these steps:

  1. Install the cylinder head bolts.
  2. Starting at the top center, tighten all cylinder head bolts to 40 foot-pounds in sequence.
  3. Repeat the procedure, tightening all head bolts to 70 foot-pounds in sequence.

Some people prefer using a three step torque sequence, IE: 25-40-70 ft. lbs. I prefer to use three steps and take a short break between each step.

It’s a good practice to recheck all the bolts one more time at 70 foot-pounds. You’ll often find a bolt was slightly loose. Also, rechecking will find a bolt you may have skipped during the sequence.

Some people prefer using 70-75 ft. lbs. for the bolts when using a short extension on the torque wrench. I’ve known many people who have success either way. If using factory heads, I prefer to use the factory specifications.

Mopar 440 cylinder head torque sequence
Mopar Cylinder Head Displaying Bolt Torque Sequence

Aluminum Heads: Specs

The type of aftermarket aluminum heads used can change the torque specifications. Always check with the manufacturer of your particular cylinder head.

Studs or Different Bolt Kits

Using studs or other manufacturer head to block bolt kits on the stock head may change the torque specifications. Always check with the manufacturer.

For example, ARP studs may require more foot-pounds done in three steps.

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