The 413 Max Wedge Deck Height (Plus How to Measure It)

Let’s take a close look at the deck height of a 1962 413 Max Wedge (Maximum Performance) engine.

The deck height of a 413 Max Wedge engine is 10.725 inches. The deck height is the same for the Plymouth Super Stock 413 and the Dodge Ramcharger 413.

This article will explain how to measure deck height and show you some pictures which explain the measurement.

413 Max Wedge Deck Height

The 413 Max Wedge deck height of 10.725″ is the largest of all the common big block engines during the muscle car era.

The other Chrysler RB blocks share the same deck height as the Max Wedge. The photo below shows the deck height.

413 Max Wedge engine block deck height.
413 Max Wedge engine block deck height

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How to Measure the 413 Max Wedge Deck Height

The most accurate way to measure the deck height is to have it measured at a machine shop. The height will vary between different cylinders so each one should be measured.

Engine builders at home will often measure the deck height using a dial bore gauge and 12″ calipers following these five steps:

  • Install the main caps without the bearings.
  • Measure the main bearing bore and divide it by 2 to find the radius.
  • Hook the caliper jaw on the main bearing bore.
  • Measure up through the cylinder to the deck surface.
  • Add the caliper measurement to the main bearing bore radius.

Many people don’t have a dial bore gauge so check out Jegs High Performance for a quality dial bore gauge and other great deals.

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This video shows how to measure the deck height, or block height, of an engine.

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About 38 years ago I assembled my first Mopar engine. It’s at that time my hands on experience with Mopar engines, including the Max Wedge, started. Although my research of the engines started years earlier.

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