413 Max Wedge Engine Oil Capacity

A common question my readers often ask is, how many quarts of oil does a 413 Max Wedge take?

The 413 Max Wedge engine oil capacity is 6 quarts, five quarts for the oil pan plus one quart for the filter. The six-quart capacity is the same for the Plymouth Super Stock 413 and for the Dodge Ramcharger 413.

413 Max Wedge Oil Capacity

The oil capacity for many engines is often a mystery and the 413 Max Wedge is no exception. There are many different answers depending on who you ask or website you read.

The following table contains the oil capacity for a 1962 413 Maximum Performance Engine (nicknamed Max Wedge).

Year413 Max Wedge Oil Capacity
Super Stock 413 (Plymouth)

Ramcharger 413 (Dodge)
19626 Quart Oil Capacity
5 qt. oil pan plus 1 qt. for oil filter.
The oil capacity for the 413 Max Wedge engines – Super Stock 413 and Ramcharger 413.

The oil capacity above was verified in Dodge and Plymouth Max Wedge owner’s manuals and literature. I also called the Vans Auto Company, who sells a reproduction Max Wedge oil pan, and verified the capacity with them.

The 413 Max Wedge was only produced for one year, 1962. Plymouth and Dodge had their own versions but both engines were the same, including oil capacity, except for the labeling.

413 Max Wedge Oil Type

I have the Plymouth 413 Super Stock owner’s manual. I also have the Dodge’s manual. The following is the recommendation for oil:

Only oils labeled “for service MS” should be used. SAE 30 viscosity is recommended for acceleration trials.

Max Wedge oil pan showing the front and rear baffles.
Max Wedge oil pan showing the front and rear baffles

413 Max Wedge Oil Mileage and Changes

The oil mileage caption of the Ram-Charger 413 Salesman’s Guide states the following:

Adequate lubrication at very high engine speeds is accomplished by eliminating valve-stem seals and by using low-friction, wide-clearance piston rings. These special features result in somewhat higher oil consumption than is found in ordinary power plants.

For oil change frequency the 413 guide states the following:

In a high-performance precision engine, oil cleanliness is a must. So engine oil should be changed every 1,000 miles — and more often in dusty areas.

1962 Dodge Ramcharger 413 Max Wedge Engine.
1962 Dodge Ramcharger 413 Max Wedge Engine

The 1962 Plymouth Super Stock 413 owner’s manual states the following about oil changes”

In this precision engine keeping the engine oil clean is a must. The oil should be changed frequently.

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Always Verify Your Oil Capacity

Chances are you’re not the original owner of the 413 Max Wedge engine in your possession. Many Mopar engines have been raced, modified, blown or rebuilt over the years.

The oil pan on your engine may not be original to the engine. In addition, other big block pans fit the engine you have.

Some engines appear original but may have been apart years ago which gives the appearance of never taken apart.

There are many aftermarket companies selling reproduction oil pans, accessories, kits and components.

There are so many reasons the oil pan, pickup and dipstick may have been changed.

The factory oil capacity stated in this article or owner’s manual may not be appropriate for your engine. Therefore, verifying how big your particular oil pan is should be a top priority.

A video by Kevin Garce about the 413 Max Wedge and its specifications.

If you have any questions about the 413 Max Wedge oil capacity, send us an email found specifically on our contact page.

About 38 years ago I assembled my first Mopar engine. It’s at that time my hands on experience with Mopar engines, including the Max Wedge, started. Although my research of the engines started years earlier.

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