413 Max Wedge Engine Specs: 1962 Maximum Performance Engine

The 413 Max Wedge is an 8 cylinder engine which has 413 cubic inches, a 4.19″ bore and 3.75″ stroke. It came with two compression ratios and horsepower, 11.0:1 C.R. (410 H.P.) and 13.5:1 C.R. (420 H.P.). The engine has 2×4 bbl carburetors on a cross ram intake manifold, 2.08″ intake valves and 1.88″ exhaust valves. The cam lift is .509″ and has a 300° duration.

The 413 Max Wedge engine redline is 6,500 rpm. The Chrysler engineers specifically stated, “Do not run engine over 6,500 r.p.m.”

These specifications are for both Max Wedge versions:

  • Plymouth Super Stock 413
  • Dodge Ramcharger 413
413 Max Wedge Dodge engine.
413 Max Wedge Dodge engine

Other than the labels, both Mopar Max Wedge engines are the same and have the same specs.

This article will dive deeper into the 413 Max Wedge specifications and include more details about all its parts.

413 Max Wedge Specifications

The following table includes the specifications for the 1962 413 Max Wedge (Maximum Performance) Engine.

413 Max Wedge Specs
Ramcharger 413 or Super Stock 413
Cubic Inch413
Firing Order1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
Cylinder Numbering
(front to rear)
Left Bank: 1-3-5-7
Right Bank: 2-4-6-8
Fuel TypeGasoline (High octane)
BlockCast Iron
Cylinder head materialCast Iron
CarburetorDual 4-barrel
Intake ManifoldAluminum Short-Ram
CrankshaftForged with hardened journals
(Tri-metal bearings)
Horsepower410 HP @ 5,200 rpm (11.0:1 C.R.)
420 HP @ 5,200 rpm (13.5:1 C.R.)
Torque460 Ft. Lbs. @ 4,400 rpm (11.0:1 C.R.)
470 Ft. Lbs. @ 4,400 rpm (13.5:1 C. R.)
Compression Ratio11.0:1 (Standard)
13.5:1 (Optional)
PistonsForged Aluminum
Camshaft Specs.509″ Lift
300° Duration
Overlap 75°
Cylinder Head Valves2.08″ Intake / 1.88″ Exhaust
Valve Springs32
Oil Capacity5 qt. oil pan plus 1 qt. for oil filter
Fuel PumpMechanical
Cooling System17 qts. with heater
Spark PlugsGap: .025″ (Acceleration trials)
Gap: .035″ (Normal street driving)
J2J (Acceleration trials))
J9Y (Street driving))
Timing34° @ 3,000 rpm
10° @ 800 rpm
Ignition Point Gap.014″-.019″
413 Maximum Performance Wedge Engine Specifications – Plymouth Super Stock or Dodge Ramcharger Max Wedge Engines – 1962.

Let’s take a closer look at the engine parts, part numbers and their specifications.

Compare the differences between the 413 and 413 Max Wedge in my article, The Difference Between a 413 and a 413 Max Wedge.

Short Ram Intake Manifold

The aluminum intake manifold has 15″ runners and is made to mount two 4-barrel carburetors. The manifold fits between the rocker covers and acts as a tappet chamber (lifter valley) cover.

The intake is tuned to increase output at higher rpms (above 4,000 rpm) and has generous tapered branches.

The intake manifold casting number:

  • 2402726

The intake manifold part number:

  • 2402332
413 Max Wedge intake manifold.
413 Max Wedge intake manifold

I have a detailed article, including its design flaw, about the manifold here, 413 Max Wedge Intake Manifold.


The Mopar Max Wedge has two 4-barrel Carter AFB carburetors with a hand operated choke. They flow approximately 600 cfm.

The carburetors are mounted diagonally across from each other and feed the opposite sides of the engine bank. The fuel to the carburetors are delivered by a mechanical fuel pump.

The carburetor list and part numbers are:

  • List #3447S
  • Part No. 2402359

Find out more about the carbs in my article, 413 Max Wedge Carburetor Specs.

Air Cleaner

The engine has two air cleaners, one for each carburetor. They are high capacity, low restriction and unsilenced.

Each air cleaner and the metal housings are round. The housings are painted black and each one has an air cleaner maintenance decal on the side facing the front of the engine.

The housings have a lid which secures with a wing nut.

413 Max Wedge Air Cleaners and label.
413 Max Wedge Air Cleaners and label

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is mechanical and a three valve pump with higher spring load for higher capacity.

Fuel pump part number:

  • 2421466

Carter part number:

  • M3446 (3446S)

Cylinder Heads

The special 413 Max Wedge heads are internally similar to previous wedge heads but the Max Wedge port size is 25% larger.

The heat cross over passage has been eliminated and the deck structure has been strengthened for better head gasket sealing.

A stainless steel gasket is used.

Cylinder head casting number:

  • 2402286

Cylinder head part number:

  • 2402358

Head gasket part number:

  • 1859429

Cylinder head combustion chamber volume:

  • 83 to 86 CC’s
413 Max Wedge cylinder head.
413 Max Wedge cylinder head on the bottom Standard 413 head on the top Chrysler Historical

Check out my article containing complete 413 Max Wedge cylinder head details and specs, 413 Max Wedge Cylinder Head Specs.


The valves are the following size:

  • 2.08″ intake
  • 1.88″ exhaust

The intake valves are made of SAE 1041 steel and the exhaust valves nitrogen treated manganese chromium nickel steel.

The underside of the intake valves are “tuliped” to give a more gradual change in intake flow.

Due to the larger exhaust valve the top of the cylinder bores require notching for clearance.

Valve part numbers:

  • 2402318 – Intake
  • 2402322 – Exhaust

Valve Train

The 413 Max Wedge has solid, mechanical tappets so the rocker arms have a locknut and adjusting screw.

The valve spring retainers and double high load valve springs are for high rpms. The valve gear is rated stable to 6,500 rpm.

The outer spring and damper are used with the inner spring. The valve stem shield is omitted.

The pushrods are similar to other 413 engines but are slightly longer. They are 3/8″ diameter with .083″ wall thickness and have hard steel inserts at each end.

Tappet part number:

  • 2402288

Pushrod part number:

  • 2402326

Valve spring part numbers:

  • Outer and damper – 2402265
  • Inner – 2202547
  • Spring shim – 1859144

Rocker arm, screw and nut part numbers:

  • Right – 2402521
  • Left – 2402522
413 Max Wedge rocker arms.
413 Max Wedge rocker arms


The camshaft has a .509″ lift and 300 duration for the intake and exhaust. The cam uses mechanical tappets.

It is driven by a double roller timing chain. The five bearings are made of steel backed babbitt.

Learn more about the camshaft and what the Max Wedge owner manuals had to say about it in my article, 413 Max Wedge Camshaft.

Exhaust Manifolds

The manifolds are made of cast iron and have a header-type design. The branches are long, streamlined and lead to a 3″ outlets.

Exhaust manifold part numbers:

  • Right – 2402335
  • Left – 2402337
413 Max Wedge exhaust manifolds.
413 Max Wedge exhaust manifolds


The Auto Lite distributor is a dual breaker (dual points) type with no vacuum advance.

The spark plug wires have a metal core.

Two different spark plugs are recommended, one for regular street driving and another for drag racing (acceleration trials).


  • 10° @ 800 rpm.
  • 34° @ 3,000 rpm.

Spark plugs:

  • J9Y – Street driving with a .035 gap
  • J2J – Acceleration trials with a .025 gap

Distributor part number:

  • 2098725

Check out my article, 413 Max Wedge Firing Order.

Cylinder Engine Block

The cast iron block is a standard 413 cubic inch with main bearing caps selected for high output performance, meaning they were checked for hardness. The caps are two bolt mains.

It’s the same 413 block used in medium duty Dodge trucks and industrial applications.

The tops of each cylinder bore are notched for exhaust valve clearance.

413 Max Wedge engine block notches.
413 Max Wedge engine block notches Original engineering drawings Chrysler Historical

The 413 Max Wedge casting number:

  • 1852029

Cylinder block bore:

  • 4.187″

Tappet bore diameter:

  • .9050″-.9058″


The crankshaft is similar to the standard 413 except it has hardened journals and shot peened fillets.

The journals are ground .0005″ under the standard shaft size to accommodate F-77 Tri-Metal heavy duty bearings.

The crank has five main bearings.

413 Max Wedge crankshaft part number:

  • 2402330

Crankshaft forging numbers:

  • 2206158
  • 2206160

Connecting Rods

The connecting rods are standard 413 cubic inch rods except selected quality to ensure performance of the engine.

They are dropped forged “I” beam with the following length:

  • 6.766″ to 6.770″

Weight (less bearing shells):

  • 842 to 850 grams

Connecting rod part number:

  • 2402299


The pistons are forged aluminum alloy tin coated and available in the following two compression ratios:

  • 11.0:1
  • 13.5:1 (actually 13.56:1)

The pistons increase thermal efficiency for higher output, but require the highest octane gasoline available. The engineers recommend 102 octane or more.

Wide open throttle bursts, especially with the 13.5:1 pistons, must be limited to 15 seconds to prevent engine damage.

The pistons require high clearances, have no pin offset and no bi-metal thermal correction. They will be noisier than standard pistons, particularly when cold.

The top compression rings are chrome plated, high strength cast iron. The lower oil control rings are one piece, low tension cast iron. Standard intermediate rings are retained.

The piston pins are press fit in rod.

The 13.5:1 pistons have valve reliefs cut into the top head.

Piston part numbers:

  • 11.0:1 standard – 2421336
  • 11.0:1 .050″ O/S – 2421339
  • 13.5:1 standard – 2421340
  • 13.5:1 .050″ O/S – 2421343
413 Max Wedge engine pistons.
413 Max Wedge engine 1351 pistons with valve reliefs

Oil Pan/Pump and Pickup

The Max Wedge oil pan has a deeper sump for extra connecting rod clearance and contains anti-slosh baffles. There is a baffle in the front and another in the rear.

The pickup pipe is 3/8″ and swivels near the bottom close to the screen. Under hard acceleration it swings to the rear with the oil. Under deceleration it swings to the front.

The engine oil capacity is 6 quarts, 5 for the pan plus one for the filter.

The oil pump is rotary full pressure and driven by the camshaft.

Oil pan part number:

  • 2402307

Oil pump suction pipe and strainer part number:

  • 2402365

Oil pump and dist. driveshaft and gear part number:

  • 2402639

Accessories and Drive Pulleys

A smaller crankshaft pulley is used to limit belt speeds. All of the pulleys have a deep groove to prevent the belt from coming off during high rpms. An air conditioning water pump is used.

Cooling System

The engine used the standard 22″ wide radiator and cap. The water pump is made of cast iron.

The fan is painted with gloss black paint and has four steel blades.

Fan part number:

  • 2265034
Kevin Garce 413 Max Wedge specification video.

If you have any questions about the 413 Max Wedge oil pan or pickup, send us an email found specifically on our contact page.

About 38 years ago I assembled my first Mopar engine. It’s at that time my hands on experience with Mopar engines, including the Max Wedge, started. Although my research of the engines started years earlier.

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