Mopar 413 Max Wedge Intake Manifold Type and Identification

Let’s examine what type of intake manifold the 1962 413 Max Wedge (Maximum Performance) engine was produced with.

The 413 Max Wedge engine intake manifold is an aluminum cross ram design engineered to mount two 4-barrel carburetors diagonally across from each other. The intake runners are 15″ long and are tuned to increase engine horsepower above 4,000 rpm. The casting number is 2402726 and part number 2402332.

The cross ram manifold carburetor mounting areas are above longitudinal plenum chambers contained inside the manifold. From the plenum, the intake runners cross the engine to feed air and fuel to the cylinders of the opposite bank of the block.

An internal balance tube connects the two plenums, and the intake does not have any heat passages.

The manifold fits between the rocker covers and acts as a tappet chamber cover.

413 Max Wedge intake manifold.
413 Max Wedge intake manifold

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413 Max Wedge Intake Manifold

The following table contains the short ram, or crossram, intake manifold specifications and numbers.

The specifications are identical for the Plymouth Super Stock 413 and the Dodge Ramcharger 413 engines.

413 Max Wedge Intake Manifold
Super Stock 413/Ramcharger 413
TypeShort Cross Ram
PieceOne Piece
Carburetor (2) 4-Barrel Carb
Power RangeTuned to increase output in ranges above 4,000 rpm.
Heat PassageNone
Casting Number2402726
Part Number2402332
Bolt Torque30 ft. lbs.
Weight37 lbs.
1962 413 Max Wedge intake manifold specifications. Plymouth Super Stock and Dodge Ramcharger.

Casting and Part Numbers

The casting number for the 413 Max Wedge engine is 2402726. It is located in the middle of the manifold on the raised, rectangular section. Typically, -1 follows the casting number.

1962 413 Max Wedge intake manifold casting number.
1962 413 Max Wedge intake manifold casting number

This casting number remained the same for every Max Wedge manifold cast including the 426 engine.

Although the casting number remained the same, the part numbers did change.

The 1962 intake manifold part number is 2402332.

Additional part numbers:

  • Core hole plug: 2121198
  • Screw hole plug: 2129351
  • Screw hole plug seal: 2128962
  • Manifold gasket set: 2421363

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Date Code

The 413 Max Wedge intake manifold did not have a date code. The later versions of this manifold, for the 426 Max Wedge, in 1963 and 1964 did have a date code in the middle of the manifold.

Manifold Venturi Holes

Each carburetor mount has four holes that match the Venturi size of the carburetor used. The 1962 Max Wedge carburetor had a smaller primary than the secondary. Therefore, two of the four holes in the manifold are smaller.

1962 413 Max Wedge intake manifold with smaller primary bores.
1962 413 Max Wedge intake manifold with smaller primary bores

How to Identify a 413 Max Wedge Intake Manifold

There are three ways to identify a 413 Max Wedge intake manifold and tell it apart from a 1963 or 1964. It’s not the casting number because all three years of the Max Wedge used the same intake casting number.

A combination of the following is how to identify a 413 Max Wedge intake manifold:

  1. No casting date.
  2. Two of the four carburetor holes are smaller.
  3. The gap between the front and rear bolt access holes and the carburetor mount wall are not filled in.

That gap is a design integrity flaw discussed in the next section of this article.

Modifications to the manifolds over the years can create confusion about what version of the manifold is what. Some people have filled in the gap to avoid future integrity cracks, and others have enlarged the primary holes to match the later, larger carburetor.

There was a Chrysler technical service bulletin which provided instructions on how to increase the primary bore holes in the early manifolds like the 413.

413 Max Wedge intake manifold identification.
413 Max Wedge intake manifold identification

413 Max Wedge Intake Manifold Design Integrity Flaw

The Max Wedge intake manifold has six access holes. The holes allow accessing to the intake manifold bolts. The threaded access holes are plugged.

Two of the access holes (driver’s side front access hole and the passenger side rear access hole) have a gap between the access hole outer wall and the carburetor mounting surface wall.

When those two holes were over tightened, a crack could form on the access hole outer wall. This integrity flaw was later corrected with a new casting. It was corrected by filling in the gap between the access outer wall and carb mounting wall.

The bridge (extra material) is a way to help identify the difference between a 1962 and early 1963 intake manifold.

Many times repairs were made to the 1962 manifolds to fix a crack and add support to the vulnerable area.

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