413 Max Wedge Fuel Pump Specs: Type, Pressure and Numbers

The 413 Max Wedge engine came with a Carter high capacity, mechanical diaphragm fuel pump. The Chrysler part number is 2421466 and Carter model M3446. The pump has three valves for maximum capacity and a high-pressure spring delivering 6-8 p.s.i. @ 1,500 rpm.

The fuel pump is driven by the camshaft and is made of aluminum. The housing consists of a rocker arm housing, valve body and lower cover.

The remainder of this article will cover all the Max Wedge fuel pump specs, parts and numbers in more detail.

413 Max Wedge Fuel Pump

413 Max Wedge fuel pump

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There were two versions of the 413 Max Wedge, Plymouth Super Stock and Dodge Ramcharger. Both engines are the same and came with the same fuel pump.

The 1962 413 Max Wedge engine used a mechanical fuel pump manufactured by Carter. The following table includes the specifications.

1962 413 Max Wedge
Super Stock 413/Ramcharger 413
Chrysler Part No.2421466
TypeMechanical (Diaphragm)
Number of Valves3
Driven ByCamshaft
Pump Pressure (Pounds)6-8 p.s.i. @ 1,500 rpm
1962 413 Max Wedge engine fuel pump specifications.

The fuel pump is fed fuel from a 5/16″ zinc plated steel fuel line from the fuel tank. The pump feeds fuel to the carburetors from a 5/16″ fuel line to a brass “T” fitting. The fitting has two 5/16″ steel lines feeding each carburetor.

The fuel inlet is located at the bottom of the pump and part of the lower cover. The outlet is part of the middle valve body.

The fuel pump attaches to the engine block with two bolts.

The pump is driven by an eccentric cam cast on the camshaft. There is a pushrod between the eccentric cam and fuel pump rocker arm. As the camshaft rotates, the pushrod presses on the fuel pump rocker arm activating the pumping action.

Fuel Pump Parts

  • Rocker arm housing which attaches to the engine block.
  • Rocker arm.
  • Follower spring.
  • Pivot pin.
  • Plug.
  • Diaphragm and pull rod assembly.
  • Valve body.
  • Valve assemblies.
  • Air dome diaphragm.
  • Cover at the bottom.
  • Assembly screws.

413 Max Wedge Fuel Pump Part Number and Location

The Carter part number is M3446. Typically, the model number 3446S is stamped into the upper rocker arm housing on the underside close to where the housing meets the engine block.

413 Max Wedge fuel pump model number 3446S.
413 Max Wedge fuel pump model number 3446S

413 Max Wedge Fuel Pump Date Codes and Location

The fuel pump date code consists of a letter and a number. The letter indicates the month and the number indicates the last number of the year.

The date code is typically located on the upper rocker arm housing. It is found underneath the housing and to the side opposite of the part or model number.

It’s close to where the housing meets the block.

Fuel Pump Value

Factory fuel pumps can be found on eBay. Currently, there is a NOS pump selling for about $500. Check it out or others here on eBay, 413 Max Wedge Fuel Pump.

Chrysler Fuel Pump Recommendation

Both the Plymouth Super Stock 413 and the Dodge Ramcharger 413 owner’s manual provided recommendations for added performance. These recommendations included the fuel pump.

Here’s what the Plymouth manual states:

Two electric fuel pumps, Part No. 1925054 (available from a Bendix dealer), may be installed in parallel and close to the fuel tank as added protection against high temperature vapor lock.

Here’s what the Dodge manual states:

Two electric fuel pumps can be installed for faster feeding. Since the carburetors have been factory-set for maximum-power fuel-air ratio, no experimenting with them is necessary.

These after market electric fuel pumps are not a factory option, it is purely a recommendation for better performance.

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