413 Max Wedge Cylinder Head Specs: Ports, Valves & Chambers

The 413 Max Wedge cylinder head is made of cast iron and has 25% larger intake and exhaust ports than the previous 413 engine. The intake valves are 2.08″ and the exhaust valves are 1.88″, 1/4″ larger. The cast number is 2402286 and the part number is 2402358.

The combustion chamber volume is 83 to 86 CC’s. The cylinder head has no heat crossover for the intake manifold.

The remainder of this article will examine the cylinder heads in greater detail.

1962 413 Max Wedge cylinder head.
1962 413 Max Wedge cylinder head

413 Max Wedge Cylinder Head Specifications

The 413 Max Wedge engine was produced by Plymouth (Super Stock 413) and Dodge (Ramcharger 413). Other than the label, both engines were the same including the cylinder heads.

The following table includes all the 413 Max Wedge cylinder head specifications.

413 Max Wedge
Super Stock 413/Ramcharger 413
MaterialCast Iron
Combustion ChamberWedge Type
Combustion Chamber Volume83 to 88 CC’s
Intake Valves2.08″
Exhaust Valves1.88″
Valve SpringsDual (32 total)
Intake Valve Seat Angle45
Exhaust Valve Seat Angle45
Intake Seat Width.060″ to .085″
Exhaust Seat Width.040″ to .060″
Valve Seat Runout (Maximum).002″
Intake Port Size1.375″ x 2.4375″
Exhaust Port Size1.750″ x 1.3125″
Cylinder Head GasketStainless Steel
Gasket Compressed (Thickness).022″
Bolt Torque75 ft. lb.
413 Max Wedge Cylinder head specifications.

The heat crossover passage in the heads was eliminated. Some of the Chrysler literature says it was removed for increased efficiency due to less heat transfer. The Dodge manual states the reason is for greater volumetric efficiency under competitive conditions.

The heads used four screw valve covers which were painted the same color as the engine heads and block.

No rocker stands were cast into the heads. Instead, a machined pad was used for mounting of the aluminum rocker stands.

The Chrysler service bulletin dated July 25, 1962 (no. 62-78), states the following:

The heads are internally similar to the regular production heads. Port areas are 25% larger; the heat cross-ver passage has been eliminated, and the deck structure has been strengthened for more positive head gasket sealing. (These heads fit any “B” engine, but valve clearance must be provided by notching cylinder block bore. See illustration).

413 Max Wedge engine block notches due to the extra large exhaust valves.
413 Max Wedge engine block notches due to the extra large exhaust valves

Cylinder head part number:

  • 2402358

Cylinder head gasket part number:

  • 1859429

Cylinder head washer-head bolt part number:

  • 2402351

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Intake and Exhaust Ports

The intake and exhaust ports are 25% larger than the non-Max Wedge cylinder heads. The difference is huge and can easily be seen by the eyes.

413 Max Wedge intake ports.
413 Max Wedge intake ports on bottom the standard 413 on top

The ports are the following sizes:

  • Intake ports: 1.375″ x 2.4375″
  • Exhaust ports: 1.75″ x 1.3125″
1962 413 Max Wedge cylinder head exhaust ports on bottom - 413 on top.
1962 413 Max Wedge cylinder head exhaust ports on bottom 413 on top


The heads have 2.08″ diameter intake valves and 1.88″ exhaust valves. The exhaust valves are 1/4″ larger than the previous 413 wedge engine.

The intake valves are made of SAE 1041 steel and the exhaust valves are made of nitrogen treated manganese chromium nickel steel.

The underside contour of the intake valves is “tuliped” to provide a more gradual change in the intake air flow.

Due to the size of the exhaust valves the top of the cylinder bores in the engine block were notched to provide clearance.

There were no valve stem oil seals because there wasn’t enough room inside the valve spring area.

Valve part numbers:

  • Intake: 2402318
  • Exhaust: 2402322

Valve lock part number:

  • 2402312

Valve Springs

The valves have double springs, an inner and outer spring. Therefore, there is a total of 32 valve springs, 16 outer and 16 inner.

The Dodge manual says the new high-strength vale-spring retainers and double high-load valve springs are installed to control valve float at high rpm.

The following is the valve spring heights:

  • Minimum: 1.83″
  • Maximum: 1.86″

Valve spring part numbers:

  • Outer and damper: 2402265
  • Inner: 2202547
  • Spring shim: 1859144
  • Retainer: 2202546

Rocker Arms

The cast malleable iron adjustable rocker arms used are similar to the ones on the C-300-H but include a locknut on the lash adjusting screw.

Malleable iron has the ability to flex without breaking (ductility).

The lock nut on the lash-adjusting screw is for easier, more precise adjustments. The rockers are mounted onto shafts.

Rocker arm, screw and nut part numbers:

  • Right: 2402521
  • Left: 2402522

Adjusting Screw part number:

  • 2402525
413 Max Wedge engine rocker arms and shafts.
413 Max Wedge engine rocker arms and shafts


The pushrods are 3/8″ steel tubing with a .083″ wall thickness. They are similar to the ones on the 413 in the Chrysler 300 but are .040″ longer.

The pushrods are longer to compensate for the camshaft timing difference and the different shape of the camshaft lobe.

Pushrod part number:

  • 2402326

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