413 Max Wedge Camshaft Specs: Ramcharger and Super Stock

Let’s take a look at the 1962 413 Maximum Performance (Max Wedge) engine camshaft specifications.

The 413 Max Wedge engine had a cam duration of 300°, 75° overlap and a lift of .509″ intake and exhaust. The camshaft used flat-faced mechanical tappets.

Plymouth and Dodge both had their own versions of the 413 Max Wedge. The camshaft and other specs were the same for both engines.

Plymouth called it Super Stock 413 and Dodge called it Ramcharger 413.

A Ramcharger 413 Max Wedge Engine.
A Ramcharger 413 Max Wedge Engine

413 Max Wedge Engine Camshaft Specifications

The following table contains the specs for the 413 Max Wedge camshaft.

413 Max Wedge
Ramcharger and Super Stock
TappetsFlat-faced mechanical
Cam DriveChain
BearingsSteel Backed Babbitt
Bearings Number5
413 Max Wedge Engine camshaft specifications. Specs are from Willem Wertman, Chrysler Engines 1922-1998.

Camshaft part number:

  • 2402293

Tappet part number:

  • 2402288

Camshaft Bearing Journals

Camshaft bearing Journals diameter:

  • No. 1: 1.998″ to 1.999″
  • No. 2: 1.982″ to 1.983″
  • No. 3: 1.967″ to 1.968″
  • No. 4: 1.951″ to 1.952″
  • No. 5: 1.748″ to 1.749″

Camshaft Bearings

Camshaft bearings diameter (after reaming):

  • No. 1: 2.000″ to 2.001″
  • No. 2: 1.984″ to 1.985″
  • No. 3: 1.969″ to 1.970″
  • No. 4: 1.953″ to 1.954″
  • No. 5: 1.750″ to 1.751″

Timing Chain (Special H.D.)

  • Adjustment: None
  • Number of Links: 50
  • Pitch: .50″
  • Width: .88″


  • Type: Mechanical (Solid)
  • Clearance (in block): .0015″ to .0028″
  • Body diameter: .9030″ to .9035″
  • Valve tappet clearance (Engine cold):
    • Intake: .028″
    • Exhaust: .032″

Due to the high overlap, duration, and camshaft lift, special care must be taken to be sure each tappet is on the base circle of its cam lobe when clearance is set.

The Dodge 413 Max Wedge Saleman’s Guide

The camshaft specifications are typical for racing applications. The Dodge salesman’s guide from 1962 stated the following about the camshaft idling and quietness:

The long-duration camshaft provides maximum power output at the expense of smooth idling and low-speed response. Similarly, increased piston clearance and the special valve mechanism allow dependable high speed operation, but sacrifice some of Dodge’s customary engine quietness

In other words, the cam had a lopey idle, sounded awesome and got the car moving quickly!

The mechanical valve lifters replaced the standard hydraulic design. This eliminated pump-up at high rpms.

A Plymouth Super Stock 413 Max Wedge.
A Plymouth Super Stock 413 Max Wedge

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About 38 years ago I assembled my first Mopar engine. It’s at that time my hands on experience with Mopar engines, including the Max Wedge, started. Although my research of the engines started years earlier.

A video by Kevin Garce about the 413 Max Wedge Engine.

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