413 Max Wedge Engine Compression Ratios

There were two different compression ratios for the 413 Maximum Performance Wedge (nicknamed Max Wedge) engine produced in 1962.

The 413 Max Wedge engine has the following two compression ratios:

  • 11.0:1 Compression Ratio
  • 13.5:1 Compression Ratio
Year413 Max Wedge (Dodge)413 Max Wedge (Plymouth)
1962Ramcharger 413
11.0:1 or 13.5:1 Compression Ratios
Super Stock 413
11.0:1 or 13.5:1 Compression Ratios
413 Max Wedge engine compression ratios for Dodge and Plymouth

Dodge called their Max Wedge the Ramcharger 413. Plymouth called their Max Wedge Super Stock 413.

Both versions, except for their labeling, were the same engine and had the same compression ratios and specifications.

Super Stock 413 Max Wedge engine.
Super Stock 413 Max Wedge engine

413 Max Wedge Engine Compression Ratios

The 11.0:1 compression ratio came standard. The higher ratio of 13.5:1 was available as an option.

The higher compression ratio produced more power. The 13.5:1 ratio increased horsepower and torque by ten each.

Chrysler engineers recommended a higher octane due to the high compression ratios.

Compression Ratio Specifications

The combustion chamber volume is a minimum of 83 c.c. to a maximum of 86 c.c.

To reduce the volume of the combustion chamber 1 c.c., .005″ must be milled from the head surface. The cylinder head surface finish should be 100-120 micro-inches.

For each 0.010″ removed from the cylinder head 0.012″must be removed from the intake side of the head.

Distance from the top of the lower flat of piston to the block deck:

Compression ratio 11.0:1

  • Minumum .0155
  • Maximum .0455

Compression ratio 13.5:1

  • Minumum .018
  • Maximum .043

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Ramcharger 413 Max Wedge engine.
Ramcharger 413 Max Wedge engine

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My first experience with Mopar engines, including the Max Wedges, was 38 years ago. It was when I assembled my first Mopar engine.

Kevin Garce video about the 413 Max Wedge engine.

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