413 Max Wedge Carburetor Specs: Type, Size, Numbers

Let’s take a close look at the 413 Max Wedge carburetors.

The 413 Max Wedge engine was produced with two Carter AFB four-barrel carburetors, list #3447S and part #2402359. They flowed approximately 600 CFM each with 1-7/16 inch primary bores and 1-11/16 inch secondary bores.

The carburetors were mounted diagonally across from each other and provided air and fuel to the opposite sides of the engine.

Both versions of the Max Wedge, Plymouth Super Stock 413 and Dodge Ramcharger 413, used the same carburetors.

413 Max Wedge Carburetor Specifications

The table below contains the specs for the 413 Max Wedge Carter #3447S carburetor.

1962 413 Max Wedge Carburetor
Super Stock 413/Ramcharger 413
ModelCarter AFB #3447S
Part Number2402359
Primary Bore1-7/16″
Secondary Bore1-11/16″
Main Venturi-Primary1-3/16″
Main Venturi-Secondary1-9/16″
Primary Jet120-163, .098″
Secondary Jet120-158, .082″
Metering Rods16-51, .050″ x .062″
Float Setting7/32″
Float Drop3/4″
Accelerator Pump (Top of Plunger to Air Horn)7/16″
Secondary Throttle Lever Adjustment3/8″
Secondary Throttle Lockout Adjustment.020″
Idle Mixture-both screws open1 – 1/2 turns
Blade AnglesPrimary, Vertical; Secondary, 15°-17° from vertical
413 Max Wedge Carburetor Specifications.

Note: Secondary blades top 15° to 17° before vertical at wide open throttle. The carburetor actually flowed approximately 600 cfm.

413 Max Wedge Carburetor List Number and Location

The list number for the 413 Max Wedge Carburetor:

  • 3447S

The list number can be found in two locations.

  1. On the base of the carburetor, right front mounting ear.
  2. Build tag attached at the top cover by one of the top cover screws.

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The carburetor below is a Max Wedge #3447SA currently for sale on eBay (Check its price and other Max Wedge carbs). The photo shows the list number and date code.

Max Wedge Carburetor #3447SA
Max Wedge Carburetor 3447SA

Date Code

The date code can be found below the list number on the base mounting ear.

The date code consists of a letter and number. The letter indicates the month and the number indicates the last number of the year.

For example a date code of D2 indicates the carb was built in April of 1962.

The number 2 indicates the year 1962. The following letters indicate the month:

  • A-January
  • B-February
  • C-March
  • D-April
  • E-May
  • F-June
  • G-July
  • H-August
  • J-September
  • K-October
  • L-November

Chrysler Engineer Facts and Recommendations About the 413 Max Wedge Carburetor

The 1962 Plymouth Super Stock 413 owner’s manual states the following about the carburetors:

  • Carburetors have been calibrated for maximum power. (Leaner mixtures should used at altitudes above 4000 ft.). Throttle blade angles have been set for maximum power on the dynamometer and should not be changed. Cool air should be routed to the carburetor by whatever means the rules permit.
  • Fitted to the intake manifold are two four-barrel carburetors with high capacity non-silenced air cleaners.

The Dodge salesman’s facts manual states the following about the 1962 The two four-barrel Carter pots are big enough to provide all the fuel needed at any speed or acceleration.Max Wedge carburetors:

  • Since the carburetors have been factory-set for maximum-power fuel-air ratio, no experimenting with them is necessary.
  • Since carburetors and axle ratios are designed for maximum power rather than for outstanding economy, good gas mileage cannot be reasonably expected.

The 1962 Dodge 413 Ramcharger : 410 HP FEATURE MANUAL state the following about the carburetors:

  • The two four-barrel Carter pots are big enough to provide all the fuel needed at any speed or acceleration.

Plymouth service bulletin No. 62-78, dated July 25, 1962, 413 Cubic Inch Super Stock Engine (Maximum Performance) stated the following:

  • The two AFB (4-barrel) carburetors with hand operated choke, are similar to those used on the 1960 and 1961 Chrysler 300-F and 300-G.

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