The Max RPM for a 413 Max Wedge Engine (Redline)

An iconic engine like the 413 Max Wedge should be protected against over revving the engine too much.

The Chrysler engineers recommended to protect the fine working parts of the 413 Max Wedge engine, it should not be run over 6,500 r.p.m. Also, wide open throttle operation must be limited to fifteen seconds in duration.

The engineers also stated the valve gear is rated stable to 6,500 r.p.m.

The 6,500 r.p.m. redline is for both the Super Stock 413 and the Ramcharger 413.

Ramcharger 413 Dodge engine.
Ramcharger 413 Dodge engine

413 Max Wedge Engine Maximum RPM and Redline

The 1962 Dodge Salesman’s Facts booklet stated the following about the Ramcharger 413 Max Wedge engine:

“A word of caution: to protect the fine working parts of the engine, it should not be run over 6,500 r.p.m. And it’s necessary to limit wide-open throttle bursts to fifteen seconds duration.

The 1962 Plymouth Super Stock 413 owner’s manual states the following, “Do not run engine over 6,500 r.p.m. Wide open throttle bursts must be limited to fifteen seconds in duration.”

Mopar tachometer in a 1971 'Cuda.
Mopar tachometer in a 1971 Cuda

Redline Importance

Redline refers to the maximum engine speed (r.p.m.) an internal combustion engine is designed to operate without causing damage to the engine’s components.

My personal experience with redline:

I learned about the importance of a redline pretty fast. My factory tach wasn’t operating properly, and I didn’t have an aftermarket one. At 19 years old I couldn’t resist multiple high rpm clutch drops with my 1970 ‘Cuda. It didn’t take long before I launched a rod out of the side of the block.

A good aftermarket tachometer and a rev limiter (these are sold at Jegs) are two effective tools to monitor your engine’s redline and avoid blowing the engine.

1962 Ramcharger 413.
1962 Ramcharger 413

If you have any questions about the 413 Max Wedge redline, send us an email found specifically on our contact page.

About 38 years ago I assembled my first Mopar engine. It’s at that time my hands on experience with Mopar engines, including the Max Wedge, started. Although my research of the engines started years earlier.

Kevin Garce video about the 413 Max Wedge engine.

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